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Dec 9, 2023

More exhibitors added to the lineup

More exhibitors added to the lineup

We’re proud to announce the addition of even more exhibitors that will attend MSX GOTO40. Joining the event are DProldan, NOP, Retro8bitshop and The New Image! 

DProldan (Daniel Padilla) will be bringing units of his own designs, such as the ArrowPad controller, as well as several developments from other MSX designers. They will be demonstrated and available for sale at his stand.

The MSX Group NOP was established in 1990, and is known for productions such as Unknown Reality, Traxplayer, Sambox Marco and the NOP MOD player. In 2022, NOP released the Point & Click adventure Sales Discontinued, which will be available in physical form at GOTO40. Come and see the game and talk to the team behind it.

Netherlands-based Retro8bitshop is one of the largest retro-computer websites in the world (they said immodestly). With over 300m2 of refurbished and new products in stock, they have something for almost all retro systems including MSX. Retro8BITshop will bring a selection of MSX systems, software & accessories to GOTO40.

The New Image celebrates its 2⁵th anniversary this year. Thirty-two years of unceasing support for the MSX platform! They have launched a Buy-me-a-coffee page so you can support them too. At GOTO40, TNI will be promoting their current projects, such as 萌SX (a next generation MSX system), MS² (aka MoonSound Music Studio, soon to be renamed), tniASM (the development tool), as well as upcoming projects.

We are very happy to have these wonderful exhibitors join the event. You can find more information on these exhibitors and the complete list of attending exhibitors on the Exhibitors page.