't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023


The following guests will attend MSX GOTO40. Click on the photo for more information.

Kazuhiko “Kay” Nishi
Pioneer of personal computers and the creator of MSX

Foto: Gianluca Battista

Yuji TECHNOuchiTakenouchi
Composer for Konami MSX games such as Space ManbowMetal Gear 2: Solid SnakeSD Snatcher and Quarth

Tadahiro Nitta
Composer for Microcabin MSX games such as Fray in Magical Adventure, Illusion City and the first three games in the Xak series

Level Up! Video Game Music Band
During MSX GOTO40, Level Up!, the Video Game Music Band, will take the stage with an impressive set of MSX video game music. Expect classics from Konami, Compile, Microcabin, and more, accompanied by visuals and animations.

Unepic Fran
Renowned Spanish indie game developer, known from his game Unmetal for modern gaming consoles and the modern MSX classic Pampas & Selene.

Team NXT
Team NXT, creators of Angelic Warrior DEVA, will be presenting their upcoming MSX2 game USAS2 -A tale of Shiroki and Kuroki-.

Please note: while the attendance of the guests is confirmed, guests may cancel because of work reasons, illness, travel disruptions, or other unforeseen circumstances. The organisation of MSX GOTO40 can not be held responsible for any cancellations, nor is it ground for refund of tickets.