't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023


Past, present & future

Limited stock of TECHNOuchi CDs available!

Over the months leading up to GOTO40, former Konami Kukeiha Club member TECHNOuchi crafted a unique remix featuring 40 SCC tunes from beloved Konami MSX games enriched with his own distinctive arrangements. If you attended the event, you not only got to see TECHNOuchi DJ this music live, but also received a CD of this…
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Experience the power of SymbOS!

At GOTO40 you can experience the power of SymbOS, a multitasking graphical OS akin to Windows for 8-bit systems! While SymbOS is always available for free download, elevate your MSX adventure by getting the exclusive Installation Package. For just 14.99 euros you will receive the latest SymbOS 4.0 beta release featuring a cutting-edge sound daemon,…
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GOTO40 floor plan

With live music, panels, historical MSX machines and 25 exhibitors with lots of hardware and software, GOTO40 offers you a day full of MSX! To make your visit run smoothly, you will find the floor plan of ‘t Zonnehuis below, so you can prepare your visit even better in combination with the schedule of events.

Discover Westen House Ex at GOTO40

Would you like to get your own copy of Westen House Ex? You will get the chance at MSX GOTO40 at the booth of Conexion MSX! Westen House Ex is the comeback in grand style of the 3D isometric games in an impressive new adventure. This brand new “Ex” version of Westen House features a…
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Rookie drive limited GOTO40 edition!

At GOTO40, Xavirompe will be selling a special GOTO40 edition of the Rookie drive! The Rookie drive is an MSX cartridge with a USB slot that can be connected to storage devices, such as a USB stick or a hard drive (most require external power). Rookie drive has the necessary driver to load a diskette…
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Did you manage to get a ticket for GOTO40? Then we look forward to welcoming you to ‘t Zonnehuis on 9 December, together with hundreds of other enthusiastic MSX enthusiasts. Below, we give you information about the event and bring to your attention some important topics. New locationLet’s start with the most important thing, the…
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MSX GOTO40: The Afterparty!

When GOTO40 has ended, the party doesn’t stop! We are proud to announce the Official MSX GOTO40 Afterparty™ to be held at Blast Galaxy! Blast Galaxy is the ultimate destination for a night filled with classic arcade fun. They’ve redefined the traditional coin op experience into a free play arcade paradise, while safeguarding the soul…
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Play Puzzlemania at The File-Hunter

Most MSX users have visited Arnaud de Klerk’s site File-Hunter.com, an amazing resource of software and documentation preserving 40 years of MSX history. The File-Hunter will be bringing a fun new game to GOTO40: Puzzlemania! The game is available to play at their booth, and will launch the same day free to play on the…
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GOTO40 schedule online!

Just three weeks left until GOTO40—the ultimate celebration of 40 years of MSX! We’ve packed the day with talks, exhibits, live music, and special guests to make it unforgettable. Check out the schedule of events below and start planning your day: Time Activity Location 10:00 Doors open 11:00 Opening & welcome Main Stage 11:15 Kazuhiko…
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Team NXT presents USAS2 -A tale of Shiroki and Kuroki-

What is 40 years of MSX without some hope for the future? Well, Team NXT is here to give you something to look forward to with a hands-on presentation of their upcoming game USAS2 -A tale of Shiroki and Kuroki– which takes advantage of the glorious possibilities of the MSX2 system and the OPL4 sound…
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