't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023


GOTO40 is organised by Koen Dols, Anne Geert de Raad and Wiebe van der Werk.

Koen Dols is founder and editor-in-chief of FutureDisk. FutureDisk was originally released between 1992-2000, but after 17 years, Koen started to use his MSX again and in 2022 released a new edition of FutureDisk, created together with his old friends. After meeting Dr. Nishi in Barcelona he got convinced he had to do something in the Netherlands to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this wonderful system that played such a big part when we were young. The GOTO40 event is one of the things he wants to give back to the MSX world that gave him so much joy.

Anne Geert de Raad has a life long passion for MSX. In the past he was a writer for several Dutch MSX magazines, and later was part of the MSX Resource Center crew. He previously organised several MSX events such as Event Eleven and TYME. His love for the MSX system and its users is unconditional.

Wiebe van der Werk co-founded MSX Gebruikersgroep Friesland (MGF) in the early 90s and maintained the MSX-Engine BBS for several years. He got back into MSX a few years ago and now spends way too much money on (re)building his collection.

The following people provide invaluable support of the event:

Julian van Aalderen
Marcel Lladó
Ramon Ribas Casasayas
Rieks Warendorp Torringa
Robert Vroemisse
1st years students BA Game Design & Creative Coding TU Dublin, under supervision of Dr. Bryan Duggan