't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023


The following exhibitors will be present at GOTO40:

Promotion and sales of Tiny Magic, a new puzzle game for MSX2.

Arabic MSX Committee will be showing some Arabic titles (for display only). It will also demonstrate an Arabic device produced by Al Alamiah / Sakhr, and it will distribute a number of souvenirs and Arabic sweets.

Sale of Quartet and the all-new MSX2 game Cube Droid.

Various MSX games for demonstration and sale.

Conexion MSX is the podcast dedicated exclusively to MSX, mostly spoken in Spanish. In six years loads and loads of novelties, scoops, interviews, monographics, surprises… and they still plan a lot more! At GOTO40, Conexion MSX will advertise the podcast, interviews will be recorded and novelties produced in Spain will be available for sale.

Côté Gamers is a publishing house that publishes games and books about video games. Its policy: no limit of themes, hardwares or volumes.

DProldan (Daniel Padilla)
Daniel Padilla is a maker from Málaga, Spain. His interest in the MSX ecosystem span several areas, from the design, manufacture and sale of original controllers and MSX extensions, to the repair, refurbishment and upgrades to any MSX hardware. He will bring units of his own designs, such as the ArrowPad controller, as well as several developments from other MSX designers. They will be demonstrated and available for sale at his stand.

Go get your dose of FONY & MSX Nostalgia at File-Hunter.com.

Promotion and sales of the latest edition of FutureDisk. FutureDisk is the longest-running, popular Dutch- and English-language disc magazine for MSX2, packed with games, demos, music and info.

The HomeComputerMuseum is one of the largest interactive computer museums dedicated to home computers and Dutch computer history. They have well over a 1000 computer models and more stories to share in a 1,090m2 museum in Helmond, the Netherlands. All computers are working and usable by visitors. The museum will bring a few special MSX machines to MSX GOTO40 and tell some interesting stories.

Jacco Bikker presents the MSXDev23 puzzler Eggy’s Maze for MSX2.

Marcel Schipper
Sale of second-hand MSX hardware, software, books etc. and demonstrations of special MSX projects.

Martin de Jong
Demonstration of the NABU, an early Canadian home computer that predates MSX and is considered a precursor to the internet. The NABU shares similar specifications with the MSX-1, including a Z80 processor, 64KB RAM, a TMS9918A Video Graphics Processor, and a General Instruments AY-3-8910 sound chip. Martin modified it to support 220V 50Hz, designed a video output adapter, and created an RS422 interface to emulate the original cable modem for running NABU software.

Promotion of MSX by buying and selling MSX material, such as books, magazines, soft- and hardware.

Purchase and sale of MSX software and hardware, repairs, extensions, cables and spare parts.

The MSX Group NOP was established in 1990, and is known for productions such as Unknown Reality, Traxplayer, Sambox Marco and the NOP MOD player. In 2022, NOP released the Point & Click adventure Sales Discontinued, which will be available in physical form at GOTO40. Come and see the game and talk to the team behind it. Or ask them to talk about their older productions or give insight on their new projects.

Raul Portales, author of the book Modern MSX BASIC Game Development will be selling and signing copies of the book in English and Spanish. In addition to the book, Raul will also be selling physical copies of his games LOGIC Remastered and SpaceCat, all written in BASIC. He’ll be showing his latest BASIC game Shyre as well.

Netherlands-based Retro8BITshop is one of the largest retro-computer websites in the world (they said immodestly). With over 300m2 of refurbished and new products in stock, they have something for almost all retro systems including MSX. Retro8BITshop will bring a selection of MSX systems, software & accessories to GOTO40.

Demonstration and sales of their MSX products.

SymbOS is an operating system for Z80-based home- computers such as MSX, Amstrad CPC, Alan Enterprise, and PCW. With SymbOS, you can breathe new life into your retro computer by using a modern user interface and an extensive set of tools and features, including file management, network, email, music and video playback. Visit their booth and discover how SymbOS can transform your retro computer into a “modern” device with endless possibilities.

Demonstration of Team NXT’s new project and sale of the last Angelic Warrior DEVA cartridges.

The New Image celebrates its 2⁵th anniversary this year. Thirty-two years of unceasing support for the MSX platform! They have launched a Buy-me-a-coffee page so you can support them too. At GOTO40, TNI will be promoting their current projects, such as 萌SX (a next generation MSX system), MS² (aka MoonSound Music Studio, soon to be renamed), tniASM (the development tool), as well as upcoming projects.

Unepic Fran is an indie developer from Spain. In the past he created Ghost and Prisoner of War for MSX. Together with Nenefranz & Gryzor87 he made Pampas & Selene (released mid 2023 for MSX2). Pampas & Selene deserves to carry the name as the “unofficial sequel to The Maze of Galious.” For the modern consoles he developed Unepic, Ghost 1.0 and UnMetal.

Offering Rookie drive, a high-speed USB storage solution designed specifically for MSX systems, enabling seamless loading of disk images using USB flash drives and external hard drives on your MSX.