't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023


Yuji Takenouchi a.k.a. TECHNOuchi joined Konami’s sound department in 1989 where he composed music for MSX games such as Space Manbow, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, SD Snatcher and Quarth.

After working on several non-MSX games such as Nemesis (Game Boy) and X-Men (arcade), he left Konami and joined Sony Computer Entertainment (PlayStation) where he worked on games such as Circadia, TomaRunner, and ChainDive. At the same time, he also produced club music, releasing works under the name Mr. YT on the Belgian R&S Records label. He has since worked for companies such as FromSoftware (Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls), Access Games (D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die) and iNiS, and is currently a freelancer composer.

Official site: https://missingsoul.wixsite.com/index

“Memoire” from Space Manbow by TECHNOuchi
“Propaganda” from SD-Snatcher by TECHNOuchi

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