't Zonnehuis Amsterdam
Dec 9, 2023

More exhibitors join GOTO40

More exhibitors join GOTO40

We’re proud to announce the addition of several exhibitors to the lineup. Joining the event are the Arabic MSX Committee, Conexión MSX, Côté Gamers, Martin de Jong and Unepic Fran!

The Arabic MSX Committee will display several Arabic titles and an Arabic device produced by Alalamiah – Sakhr. Additionally, they will distribute souvenirs and delightful Arabic sweets, immersing visitors in the cultural experience.

Conexión MSX, the dedicated MSX podcast in Spanish with six years of novelties, interviews, and surprises, will be at GOTO40 to record interviews, promote the podcast, and will bring new Spanish-produced MSX novelties for purchase.

Côté Gamers, a versatile publishing house, will showcase their diverse range of books about video games and games, including several MSX games.

Martin de Jong will demonstrate the NABU, an early Canadian home computer considered a precursor to the internet. Sharing similar specifications to the MSX-1, the NABU boasts a Z80 processor, 64KB RAM, a TMS9918A Video Graphics Processor, and a General Instruments AY-3-8910 sound chip. Martin’s modifications, including support for 220V 50Hz, a video output adapter, and an RS422 interface for emulating the original cable modem, enhance the NABU’s functionality and historical significance.

Unepic Fran, a renowned indie developer from Spain whose previous MSX titles include Ghost and Prisoner of War, will introduce the eagerly anticipated Pampas & Selene for MSX-2—a game that deserves to be hailed as the “unofficial sequel to The Maze of Galious.”

GOTO40 is honored to have these exceptional exhibitors join the event. You can find more information on these exhibitors and the complete list of attending exhibitors so far on the Exhibitor page.