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Dec 9, 2023

Exhibitor Spotlight: Abyss

Exhibitor Spotlight: Abyss

Abyss will be premiering their new game Tiny Magic at GOTO40. Tiny Magic is a cute puzzle game for MSX2 or higher that tells the story of mage-in-training Thiharis, who has to pass over 50 increasingly dangerous stages to join the Mage Master circle. 

The game puzzles involve rock and switch combinations that need to be solved to progress, and the use of magic bubbles and various other objects give a fresh and interesting new dimension to the game. A password system makes it easy to resume your game at a later time.

The game runs on any MSX2 or higher with 128kB RAM and VRAM. An MSX-Music extension is required.

You can play and purchase Tiny Magic at the Abyss booth. The game comes on a cartridge with in a full color box and manual. The price is €35. You can already pre-order your game at Côté Gamers and indicate you will pick up the game at GOTO40.