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Dec 9, 2023

Discover Westen House Ex at GOTO40

Discover Westen House Ex at GOTO40

Would you like to get your own copy of Westen House Ex? You will get the chance at MSX GOTO40 at the booth of Conexion MSX!

Westen House Ex is the comeback in grand style of the 3D isometric games in an impressive new adventure. This brand new “Ex” version of Westen House features a map that is 50% larger than the original game and offers more puzzles, enemies, and secrets to discover. So even if you’ve played Westen House before, the “Ex” version will give you many more hours of new gameplay!

In Westen House Ex you lead Professor Kelvin in the process of unraveling the misteries and enigmas that shroud the Westen Mansion and its several rooms.

Come see Conexion MSX and see if Santi Ontañón, the creator of the game, has overdone himself and how many steps further he has taken since his first version of Westen House. Like the original version, it runs on any MSX1 with 16 kB RAM, but now, in a megarom packing 128 kB of adventure. And if you already have it, come around anyway. Who knows how many Sudden Bursts, Stevedores and surprises may be also on the table…