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Dec 9, 2023

Tadahiro Nitta

Tadahiro Nitta is a renowned composer who has made a lasting impact on the world of MSX gaming. He is best known for captivating players with his incredible melodies and innovative sound design for classic Microcabin games such as Fray in Magical Adventure, Illusion City and the first three games in the Xak series, as well as adapting Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic music for the MSX release of Final Fantasy.

Nitta-san also ventured into working on various games for other companies, contributing to critically acclaimed games such as Shenmue and several titles in the Naval Ops series.

Recently, Nitta-san has rediscovered his passion for MSX and is now composing new original music using TriloTracker and MSXplay on real MSX hardware. Some of his compositions can be found on recent editions of FutureDisk, as well as his releases coordimates+ and Oasis in 2op – “Wave Injection”. On the 2020 CD release Oasis in 2op – CLOAD, he reimagined some of his classic tunes from Illusion City and Fray using Yamaha synths. Additionally, his other recent works include Oasis in 2op – “CALL VOICE” and Oasis in 2op – “proto”.

Join us at MSX GOTO40, where Tadahiro Nitta will unravel the secrets behind his iconic Microcabin soundtracks and gain valuable insights into the creative process behind his MSX game music. As a special treat, Nitta-san will also perform some of his compositions using real MSX hardware. Plus, don’t miss the chance to purchase his latest CD releases, which can be autographed upon request.

“Battlefield” from Xak: The Art of Visual Stage by Tadahiro Nitta
“Running Fray” from Fray in Magical Adventure by Tadahiro Nitta
“Theme A” from Illusion City by Tadahiro Nitta

Please note: while the attendance of the guests is confirmed, guests may cancel because of work reasons, illness, travel disruptions, or other unforeseen circumstances. The organisation of MSX GOTO 40 can not be held responsible for any cancellations, nor is it ground for refund of tickets.