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Dec 9, 2023

Exhibitor Spotlight: bitsofbas

Exhibitor Spotlight: bitsofbas

bitsofbas will be selling his latest game at GOTO40: Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy.

Following in the footsteps of games like Eggerland Mystery, Cube Droid is a Sokoban-like puzzle game with action elements in a futuristic setting. There are 36 levels ranging from mild to tough and aimed at all ages.

Cube Droid is a port/remake of the award-winning 2011 Flash game of the same name, also coded and designed by bitsofbas, and runs only on MSX2 systems (or higher). To enjoy the music composed by Bitcaffe, you need an MSX-MUSIC-equipped MSX or an FM-PAC (or compatible) extension. The S-RAM in the FM-PAC can also be used to store progress.

At the bitsofbas booth, you can try out and purchase the game. The price of the cartridge is €40 and only cash will be accepted. No reservations can be made: first come, first served.